Work women affect the erection it men

The higher the income of the wife relative to husband’s earnings, the more recent problems with erection. This explains the increased demand for Viagra, scientists believe.

In recent years, the number of wives earning more than husbands has grown dramatically. And almost in the same proportion growing demand for a cure for erectile dysfunction is Viagra. Scientists from Denmark believe that these facts are interrelated. Men are painfully experiencing the superiority of women in the matter of earnings. And the male libido depends very much on mental attitude.

The study showed that in families where men earn less than wives are much more likely to use Viagra and other similar drugs that stimulate the erection. Of course, Danish scientists do not name the exact reasons of this phenomenon. But he writes that the fall of the “male hardness” probably contributes to the loss of pride, and also anger and frustration due to the current financial situation.

By the way, observations were carried out in Denmark, where popular TV movie Borgen, in which a woman Prime Minister with an iron hand ruled the country while her husband sits at home and raises the children. In total, the study involved more than 200 thousand couples, so that the findings can be called quite reasonable.

Moreover, the increased demand for Viagra was observed even in those families where the wife earned slightly more than men. Even a slight difference in income it contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction in men who are not yet ready internally to give women the title of main earners and breadwinners.

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