The white-coat syndrome, or how to deal with cervical osteochondrosis

The other day comes into the legal rights of autumn, and this means that people with chronic diseases of the spine will often complain of exacerbation. This happens for several reasons: the weather changes, there are changes in atmospheric pressure and weather-sensitive patients especially feel the strong migratory pain in joints, in the spine. They also add a hypothermia, growing lack of movement and most importantly – sedentary work…

To our Center often turn people of different ages suffering from such diseases as osteochondrosis. They primarily lead a sedentary life, spend a lot of time on the computer, as a consequence, have a tendency to kyphoscoliosis (change of posture in the direction of stoop).

The number of patients suffering from spinal osteochondrosis complicated with hernia, is from 30% to 100%. This is because the cervical spine is less loaded with the weight of the body than the back, and the level of circulation in the upper part of the body is higher than in the lower divisions. The symptoms depend on the degree of complications. The most common is stiffness in the cervical, movement disorders, numbness of the fingers that lasts more than 1 month.

Generally, as a rule, osteochondrosis of the “go to” for many years, it is the result of a long degenerative process in the intervertebral discs, or the result of injury of the cervical spine, leading to herniation. In fact, and in another case at one point to resolve this problem is impossible, because the degenerative processes and injuries always leave traces in the human body. But to stop the changes can and should – especially since there are good and proven practices.

First of all, it is important to remember that the causes of many diseases is lack of movement. If you do not take care of the healthy demands on his body – none of you do. So take into service the following recommendations:

  • Avoid prolonged static and dynamic loads on the shoulder girdle (a sedentary lifestyle). During the day, try to make time for a short physical flexing.
  • Try to arrange your workspace in the office and at home.
  • Buy a special computer chair, with anatomical backrest, learn the correct posture while working.
  • Make it a rule to do morning exercises, learn exercises with the elastic chest expander for developing the muscles of the shoulder girdle.
  • Take a contrast shower, paying special attention to the neck area to improve blood circulation.
  • Periodically do the self-massage neck area.

It is better to prevent than to cure. But if you feel that preventive measures are obviously not enough, do not pull an address to the professionals. Today more and more patients prefer the method of treatment of herniated cervical spine kinesitherapy. At the medical center, the patient is examined by specialists who determine the zones of influence in the musculoskeletal system of the patient. Then, for each individual system of exercises that strengthen the shoulder girdle, neck muscles, improving blood circulation in the cervical spine, correcting posture.

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