The nuts hiding effective means healing from cancer

It is known that nuts are healthy, and some in particular. As reported by CTV News, almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews, greatly reduces the risk of recurrence of cancer of the colon. This is confirmed by the observation of 826 patients who had undergone treatment of the third stage of cancer. These patients have a 70% chance that they’ll be alive three years after treatment.

19% of patients consumed a week at least 2 ounces of nuts. And they risk a recurrence of cancer was reduced by 42% and the risk of death by 57% compared with patients who never ate nuts, after the end of treatment. When the researchers focused only on certain nuts, it turned out that they reduced the risk of cancer returning by 46% and the risk of death by 53% if the person consumed at least two ounces of nuts a week.

However, experts emphasize that the nuts can not replace the standard treatment — radiation or chemotherapy. In turn, the study shows how important nutrition is. By the way, has previously been established that the Mediterranean diet and exercise reduced the risk of premature death by 42% and reduced the probability of colon cancer.

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