The impact of conditioning on our health

It is widely believed that air conditioning is a device only for air cooling. However this is a misconception, and we will tell you about the benefits of conditioning.

First, of course, the cooling of the air in the room. With proper conditioning you can not only enjoy the cool air, but also give your body a rest from the sweltering heat. But prolonged exposure to hot air adversely affects the health of people, especially people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. And being in a room with cool air, literally, “brings them to life.”

Second, the availability of additional functions – cleaning, dehumidification and humidification. Modern air conditioner is a powerful multifunction device that can satisfy even the most demanding environments. Various filters not only purify the air from dust, but also from cigarette smoke, exhaust, pollen. Some models of split systems is able to capture germs, cleaning and obezzarajivatei the air.

Air humidification is also an important indicator when choosing the air conditioner. Because we all know how dry the air in homes, especially in the winter – instead of the 60% we receive only 20-30% of the moisture in the air. Of course it is noticeable – we are concerned about dry skin, cough, runny nose and other signs of dehydration. Of course, you can buy a humidifier separately, but the choice of conditioner remember about this issue, and perhaps you don’t have to continue to spend money on a humidifier.

Also in some models of split systems can dehumidify the air. Professional dehumidifiers are used in warehouses, in swimming pools and other places where increased humidity. But in the apartment You this dehumidifier is unlikely to be useful, so maybe you should look at the air conditioner with the dehumidification function of the air. After all, how in the winter we air dry, so it is autumn and wet. Excessive dampness can lead to mold, besides the rehumidified air is hard to breathe. By the way, waterlogging can occur not only in autumn but also in summer, when rains are delayed.

When choosing a conditioner, you need to know about all the possible functions and decide for yourself you want them or not. It is desirable to do before buying a air conditioner, so you do not complain that “it just cools the air.” In the end, the conditioning is the thing that is bought not for one year.

Note that the main factor of reliable operation is its correct installation. The installation of air conditioning to better the company that purchased the conditioner. In this case, You get a full warranty for the installation of air conditioning and the air conditioning. You also need to keep in mind that HVAC market is a very wide range of choice of conditioning. Therefore, high-quality air conditioner will serve You for many years. And features noise level will not change that eventually happens with inexpensive equipment.

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