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Scientists understand why residents of large cities do not sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, you can blame a bad environment in General and pollution in particular. Scientists have linked poor quality sleep with nitric oxide, transfers “Дни.RU”. This conclusion was made after the five-year study of volunteers in 1863. People were asked to wear the sensors that can detect periods of sleep and moments of insomnia. When this was done the air intakes in the homes of volunteers.

It turned out, people were sleeping tight, if the air of the house was reduced concentration of nitrogen oxide and fine contaminants. By the way, the maximum permissible concentration of nitrogen oxide in the air is 0.6 mg/m3. And feel it the smell of a person begins at a concentration of compound of 10 mg/m3. The highest concentration of nitrogen oxide in the air observed in large cities where dense traffic and a focused industrial enterprise.

Comment by American experts: “the inhalation of air with a concentration of 90 mg/m3 within 15 minutes there is irritation of the throat, urge to cough, salivation. Threat at short-term impacts are considered to be a concentration of 200-300 mg/m3.” A lower concentration of apparently disrupts sleep.

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