Regular annual eye examination. Why is it necessary?

Prevention is better than cure. It is known to all, but not many follow recommendations for annual vision checks and are dying to see the study ophthalmologist. Very vain, because with careful examination, the specialist can perform the change in vision over the past period, and if necessary will pick up the funds needed for treatment. Please note that an impressive number of eye diseases develop without being shown and of their existence you do not guess, but the eye doctor with regular treatment, will be able to diagnose the disease even at a very early stage. Accordingly, the early detection of the problem, the easier it is to cope with it.

It is particularly important always be seen by a doctor to patients with earlier diagnosed disease, because any change of view should be properly adjusted. If you begin to notice any symptoms, such as dryness, cramps in the eyes, redness, etc., do not delay a visit to the ophthalmologist, in order to prevent the worsening of health status.

Adhering to simple guidelines such as hand hygiene before manipulation of the lenses, regular replacement lenses at the expiration of the period of use, wearing sunglasses to protect from UV rays (if lenses have a UV filter), You effortlessly take care of the health of your eyes and protect yourself from unpleasant consequences.

As the saying goes, “man is the architect of his happiness”, and to be healthy is an integral part of this “happiness”. So everything is in your hands, we want You to be healthy and happy!

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