Bad erection can be linked to both natural processes in the human body, and with a number of diseases that lecates kamagra 100mg.

If a man is able whole life to be with one woman, and keep the initial passion and fervor? Doctors claim that it is theoretically possible, but, in General, a fact unlikely. Misunderstanding of this law of nature often leads to unnecessary guilt in the relationship between a man and a woman.

Sexual arousal in men depends not only on the incentives available at the moment, but also from fantasy. Sources of such erotic fantasies can be real memories of life as well as some idealistic notions about the woman or the sexual act. In other words, erotic fantasies add to the process of excitation of a variety of additional components contributing to the strengthening of the erection.

Normally, every man has his ideal image of women that meets some criteria, for example, large firm Breasts, long legs and so on. Naturally, these criteria correspond to not only a woman, so throughout my life, men may want many partners that fit their ideal image.

It is also important to understand that men always prefer younger women. It is programmed evolutionary, after all, more young woman are able to give more healthy offspring.

It is worth noting that repeated exposure to the same stimulus of erotic arousal men may be reduced. In other words, it means “addiction” to the partner or to a specific “script” of sexual relations. Therefore, an important element of novelty. There is a so-called “Coolidge effect” when the animals have the appearance of a new female’s ability to copulate the male is recovering much faster.


Unfortunately, not only psychological factors may cause poor erection. Poor potency in men may be caused by old age, and the presence of certain disorders in the body, which negatively affect men’s health.

Erection is deteriorating in various vascular disorders like vascular and venous nature. In this case, violated either the blood flow to the penis through the arteries, either during erection blood does not accumulate in the sinuses of the penis and flowing through his veins.
Note that the activity of the vessels of the penis is regulated by the nerve plexus, so in various neurogenic damage is broken and the dynamics of blood flow in the genitals. Often the cause of neurogenic erectile dysfunction is diabetes mellitus, which are observed as vascular disorders, and neuropathy.

By the way, the severity of erectile dysfunction you can install it yourself by answering five questions. “A test to assess the sexual health of men” drawn up on the basis of a scale of severity of erectile dysfunction “ICEF-5” (international index of erectile function).

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