How to live with hypertension?

The global problem is considered to be hypertensive heart disease – a very dangerous and common disease. That hypertension is blamed for heart attacks and strokes. In our country one third of the population is hypertensive. Russia’s very high mortality from stroke.

Cardiologists well-known rule of the three half related to hypertension. That they sick, know only 50 percent of patients with hypertension. Treated only half of these patients. And only half of those who are treated, treatment is right. A large effect can be achieved in the fight against hypertension, knowing all of its causes and characteristics. You must also know about the side effects from the medicines used by the patients.

Hypertension is incurable. However, knowing the factors and degrees of risk, and what risk category you belong to, you can effectively treat hypertonia. First, a mutable risk factor is the consumption of alcohol, Smoking, excess weight, and stress, and the presence of diabetes. The second is an inherited disease of the heart and blood vessels, patients ‘ age and diabetes.

Everyone needs to check regularly the blood pressure. The pressure increase can not see and not feel. However, the authorities considered targets of the body, will at the same time still be affected. So, you may receive the renal failure and disrupt the circulation in the small vessels of the fundus. But it is much more likely to experience changes in the brain or the heart. Therefore, possible strokes and heart attacks.

To prevent these effects it is necessary to reduce the pressure gradually. And take into account the cyclical rhythms of its fluctuations during the day, while taking drugs that protect the target organs.

Need to change your lifestyle. First to reduce weight if it is excessive. To reject bad habits – drinking and Smoking. To move more, not to overeat and to eat no more than 6 grams of salt per day.

According to medical checks conducted in the United States, it was found that 93 percent of controlled patients, from 60 to 80 years of age, stabilized blood pressure, and heart attacks and strokes has decreased by half. They completely abolished medication. And it happened only because of reduction of body weight and reduction of salt consumption.

Unfortunately, underestimating the amount of risk, people do not realise that high blood pressure would have serious consequences and therefore pursue only the goal of his speedy decline. But only a doctor can accurately determine the severity of the disease and treatment of hypertension.

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