How to distinguish between the common cold from sinusitis?

The most unpleasant that can happen in the autumn, in cloudy and wet weather is a cold. And during a cold is just disgusting runny nose. And if you can’t heal him completely – and in terms of the ever-changing weather and low immunity make it especially difficult against the background of SARS occurring a cold can turn into sinusitis.

How do you know whether You are ill with sinusitis or is it just a lingering cold?

Identify sinusitis in a patient with human flu is quite difficult because patients usually complain of headache, fever, nasal congestion, and in fact all these symptoms are common to both diseases.

But if You have a runny nose for more than 5 days, and the headache intensifies when bending over, then chances are that You have sinusitis is very high.

What is a cold different from sinusitis?

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa and sinusitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and sinuses (upper, nadalutti, subordinate). There is accumulated pus and mucus that can cause so many complications and discomfort.

Should take into account the predisposition to sinusitis:

  • A deviated septum, drug-induced rhinitis
  • The disorders of the immune system that result from long-term chronic disease
  • Untimely or improper treatment of the common cold, acute respiratory infections, runny nose
    Infection of the dentition
  • Smoking

These factors, influencing the development of the disease should be enough to understand a simple truth: sinusitis can develop in any of us! No wonder this diagnosis over the past decades, occupies a leading position in patients of the otolaryngologist. But the most insidious is its complications that manifest in the form of inflammation of the brain, up to abscess and meningitis.

It often happens that the sick person begins to self-medicate, using so popular in our time “quick” cure for the common cold, all the possible vasoconstrictor nasal sprays that causes the symptoms of sinusitis just become invisible. This leads to the inevitable increase in patients with sinusitis and sinusitis. Therefore, if you notice the first symptoms of flu should not let the disease take its course and to self-medicate.

To cure sinusitis, if it is not passed into the chronic form, quite easy. The main thing is to ensure the outflow of mucus and secretions from the sinuses, in simple words, to remove the pus from the sinuses.

Until recently, the only methods of treatment of sinusitis was such drastic means as painful medical procedures: lumbar puncture (puncture), “cuckoo”, AMIC-line. These methods require a lot of time and money, but now had a choice – alternative treatment of diabetes with natural products at home.

They help to gently clean the maxillary sinuses of mucus, pus and harmful organisms in a natural way. It should be noted that they are absolutely safe and natural products that do not cause habituation!

After the first use of any of these drugs disappears headache, the sniffles subside, it becomes easier to breathe much better. Take care of your health and do not neglect prevention: tempers spend more time outdoors and increase your immunity by all available means.

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