Hemangioma – dangerous or not?

A loving mother knows every inch of the body of your baby. Soft and smooth skin is a sign of health! Any education and rashes on her – a reason for concern. If the body of the toddler appeared strange red spot – please note! So it may look like a vascular tumor – hemangioma. Taken in time the measures will help to avoid possible troubles with the health of the child.

What is a hemangioma?

– Hemangioma – benign vascular tumor of the skin, which is diagnosed only in infants first year of life. First, has the appearance of small red spots, sometimes similar to a conventional scratch. During the first year of birth it is actively growing. Hemangiomas are found in approximately ten out of a hundred kids and are the most common tumor of childhood. More common in girls than in boys (ratio 3:1) and preterm infants. The number of hemangiomas in a child can vary from one to several hundred.

In some cases, such tumors may subsequently dissolve. But count on this – is to risk the health of the child. If the hemangioma is located near vital organs should remove it as early as possible. So do not expect the desired regression, and immediately seek assistance from a qualified technician. If a hemangioma on time and correctly remove, it will not lead to serious life complications.

What causes hemangiomas?

– The final answer medicine does not yet have, but probably the cause of hemangioma can be acute respiratory infections, which the mother of the child had been ill in the first trimester of pregnancy, when formed vascular system of the fetus. Hereditary factor of hemangiomas has not been proven. Because the majority of parents of infants of such entities was not.

What complications are threatening hemangiomas?

– If time does not begin treatment, the hemangioma may suddenly increase and grow into nearby organs, disrupting their function. It is especially dangerous when a vascular tumor located at the ear, eyes, mouth, nose, breast, genital organs. Germinating inside, the hemangioma can make a child disabled. Even if it disappears, hearing or vision will not return.

Requires urgent treatment and hemangioma, appearing in skin folds, such as neck or under the knees. Here, it is easily injured, inflamed and bleeding heavily. Especially risky vascular tumors premature baby. They can appear on the body up to a hundred hemangiomas, which grow twice as fast as those born at term.

However, many parents for a long time did not attach due importance to the fact that baby’s skin originated neoplasm.

What are the symptoms of hemangioma should worry parents?

– First, the body of the baby there is a small spot, like a scratch. But unlike pristine, it does not heal in a few days, and is preserved in its original form. The redness gradually increases, and finally, the parents wonder: what to do? Most often, the erroneous advice of a doctor prefer to wait. And only when the tumor begins to grow into the tissue, rush for help. In our Institute resulted in children who have lost eyesight or hearing only because time has not been spent course of treatment and progressive hemangioma broke the blood vessels in the eyes or eardrums. And these are not isolated cases.

What treatments are most effective today?

For each and every child needs to be picked up individual course of treatment. It depends on the child’s age, the location and shape of the hemangioma. And if you are offered immediate surgery in the surgical Department, this means that any other methods in this hospital do not have. Because surgery rarely gives a positive result and can be used only for older children.

For effective removal of hemangiomas clinic should have a choice in the method of cryosurgery, sclerotherapy, compression therapy or special vascular dye laser, in more complex cases, systemic or local hormone therapy, blockers.

The most modern and so far the only method that allows you to get rid of the tumor forever, painlessly and without scars, is laser removal. The laser beam heats the abnormal vessels, and they stick together. After that, the tumor is deprived of blood supply, absorbed, almost without leaving traces on the skin. The procedure is painless and requires no anesthesia.

As well painlessly and without scarring the laser can remove angiomas – small red spots, which are benign tumors and appear to many people after 40 years. Yet it is possible to get rid of spider veins on the face. And, unlike hemangiomas, requiring repeated procedures (4-8), these lesions may disappear even after a single laser pulse.

Do I need medical supervision, if the hemangioma does not change?

In some cases, the hemangioma doesn’t require treatment and to 5-8 years of age the child partially or completely resolves. However, the child must always be under the supervision of an experienced physician.

Many believe that the hemangioma is the same as “wine” spots…

Unfortunately, sometimes even doctors confuse these disease. Only at the initial stage of development of these diseases, or rather their symptoms, almost identical, but their course and prognosis, these diseases are totally different.

Hemangiomas have the ability to actively grow. Sometimes within two weeks, they can double. That is, if the child identified the red spot, then this may be a hemangioma, portwine stain, but rapid progress will only be a hemangioma.

So wine stain grows with your child?

– Yes, in proportion to the growth of the child. Wine stain – a congenital spot, occurring in three out of thousand children born. This pathology occurs during the formation of embryo in the result of a provoking factor, which can be, again, a history of disease women in the first months of pregnancy.

Wine stains or nevi are burning areas of the blood vessels of the skin. These vessels are not able to narrow, always crowded with blood and gives the skin a characteristic color. At an early age, pink, red or crimson. The spot increases gradually darkens. Most often wine stains located on the face and neck but can be on any other part of the skin and mucous membranes. They never pass themselves. However, they can get rid of. In 90% of cases with a special vascular laser can significantly lighten the stain. To achieve optimal results, treatment should begin as early as possible, even with months of age.

How dangerous is the wine stains, except for a cosmetic defect?

– Every fourth spot, located on the temple, forehead or eyelids can lead to glaucoma and gradual loss of vision. If this spot concerns the vessels of the brain, may develop epilepsy. When the wine stain is on the lower limbs of the child, over time, high blood flow will lead to a limp baby a sore leg can become longer than is healthy for 3-5 inches. Sometimes in spots, the skin may thicken and this restricts movement in the joints of the hands and feet, while on the cheek even prevents chewing.

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