Causes of back pain and prevention methods

Back pain is no longer a rarity in most people. Likely to suffer people who have a severe physical or sedentary work. You should know that back pain does not always signify any disease. Pain can occur due to heavy work, prolonged stress on the spine, fatigue, hypothermia, and even stress. If the impact of the above will be lengthy and can lead to chronic illnesses, some of them can lead to disability. If you have back pain, you must consult a doctor.

If the pain due to heavy physical activity or low physical activity, should do daily exercises. Morning exercises should take 10-15 minutes. During this time, you need to perform a series of exercises consisting of bending, squatting, turning, rotation of the torso, head and hands. To learn how to do morning exercises, visit the physical therapy office. The perfect combination of physical exercise and a massage chair that doesn’t require you exercise and this will help keep the back muscles in the right tone.

Well help wiping back a wet towel, do it in the morning, after the morning exercises. To reduce the risk of re-occurrences of pain, you need to train your back muscles and strengthen them daily. The best way is to walk. During the walk involved more than 40 muscles of the body, the blood actively carries the oxygen and nutrients. If during the walk you will strain the abdominal muscles and actively working with your hands, this will help to lose some weight and tighten the stomach.

Often the cause of pain is incorrect position during sleep and the bed uncomfortable. Make it a habit to fall asleep lying on your back. If the pain is in the lumbar region do not pass, placed under the knee cushion, rolled into a roll a blanket or pillow. This will remove the tension and curvature of the spine, the back muscles will be able to fully relax. Try to choose a memory foam mattress. In the store, check that it is as thus: put on the mattress full two liter bottle of water, sit her at a distance of 30-40 centimeters. If the mattress is real and of good quality, the bottle will not fall, may not even shaken.

Back pain can occur due to hypothermia and lifting heavy objects. In order not to overstrain his back, carry a backpack or shoulder bag to put food and other weight. Feet should always be warm. If possible, it is in the morning throughout the summer, walking barefoot on the grass. This is a great acupressure massage and a good way to strengthen the immune system.

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