Bleeding gums and impotence – correlation

As reported website chronic inflammatory periodontal diseases are accompanied by unpleasant mouth odor, pain, bleeding and loosening of teeth – the list is enough to spoil the mood of any man. But it is just the berries.

Among the diseases of the gums the first place steadfastly hold periodontal disease and periodontitis. The prevalence of both diseases, the exact causes are still unsettled, very large. Without treatment, the teeth of the patient loosened more and more, and eventually he loses their.

But scientists from Taiwan, the staff of the University of Taipei (Taipei Medical University) has discovered the unpleasant connection: the presence of men with chronic gum disease significantly increases the risk of development of his erectile dysfunction.

In the results, no doubt, as they were obtained during a large-scale study in it, in total, was attended by 33 000 men had problems with erectile dysfunction and 162, 000 men who have not had such problems.
During the five-year observation, the authors found that in both groups the number of participants who suffered from chronic inflammation of the gums, amounted to a total of 12%.

However, the number of patients with periodontitis and periodontitis were distributed for both groups is uneven: for example, among people seeking medical help for impotence, the number suffering from gum disease was 27% and in the group of healthy figure was only 9%.

Taiwanese scholars argue that the relationship of gum disease and problems with potency were especially pronounced in the age group of young people up to 30 years and in the group of old men, whose age exceeded 70 years.

The authors point out that chronic gum disease may be the result of common chronic inflammation in the body, which also affects and blood vessels of the penis.

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