8 tips for those who want to preserve the health and the budget

Article containing tips to save money and improve health. Your wealth depends on the quality of Your health and the health of the money and effort that You are willing to invest in it. How to make the physical form is not deteriorated, and the revenues were growing up? Here are a few useful recommendations:

Ditch unhealthy habits.

Alcohol, tobacco and other not too easy to get rid of them based on not only slowly (relatively, of course), but surely destroy Your internal organs but also quite significantly hit the pocket. Sit down and calculate the amount You [url=http://www.monitorinvest.EN]spent per month. [/url] on cigarettes, beer. The result is impressive. Maybe that’s her You have not enough or buying a new TV?

Gradually give up sweets and carbonated drinks.

As the saying goes, five minutes of pleasure in a language – and a couple of extra pounds on the waistline, and it is at least. Of course, you can sometimes treat yourself with a coke and a biscuit with cream. But to do it daily in large quantities is bad for Your self-evaluation, and budget.

Do not abuse “catering”.

Even in the most expensive restaurant You can’t know for sure what exactly was done to the dish, and washed any hands the waiter after he visited the restroom. To say nothing of simple cafes and “McDonald’s”. Don’t waste money on food of questionable quality outside the home, if you can cook something yourself, from fresh ingredients and saving your hard-earned money.

Find an active hobby that You can enjoy together with your friends.

No matter is skiing, badminton, or joint Jogging. Together You always have a good time at no additional cost, and team spirit will not allow You to give up. The result – a good mood, the physical form and relationship with friends.

Consume food slowly.

We all know that saturation comes only after some time after eating, so you need to give the brain time to signal that. What we ate. Thoroughly chewing your food, we will get rid of digestive issues, and eat a lot less, that may affect our food costs and the condition of the figure.

Don’t forget about regular medical check-UPS.

Always it is important to learn about some of the problems in your body, yet it is still possible to eliminate them without any loss, so the best prevention than going to the doctor, no one has yet invented. Not to then spend a lot more effort and money, the best time to visit the right specialist.

Check the condition of Your teeth.

Dental treatment is often unpleasant, and most importantly – expensive. If You don’t want to bring unnecessary trouble, it is enough to follow the simple rules below to avoid them. Brush your teeth twice a day, once in six months visit your dentist, use dental floss as needed.

Remember the walks.

One of the most enjoyable and cheapest ways to keep fit and enhance your mood – go for a walk. It is proved that the long walk is the best shredder fat. So don’t sit at home.

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