7 tips for speech development

Talk to your child constantly while playing, cleaning, walking. Ask what he’s doing and explain how busy you are — it develops vocabulary and communicative function.

Don’t rush the conversation, observe the pause, giving the child a chance to speak.

3. Teach a child new words. You can give 5-6 new values per day, but be sure to show the object or action that represents the word.

If the child incorrectly utters the words, do not scold him and not laugh at him, but don’t encourage mistakes in speech. Say the word slowly, syllable by syllable, ask the child to repeat.

Train phonemic hearing, pronounce a pair of words differing by one letter (KOs-goat, boat-spoon).

If the child is in a hurry to say something — go astray, confuses words, stop him, tell him to take a deep breath and tell again clearly and slowly.

The baby say correctly, you should in a conversation with him, the use of properly built phrases. Avoid words-parasites — children learn them very quickly!

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