5 solutions to the problem of early ejaculation

The majority of women not satisfied with sex quickie. Therefore, if the man cares about his partner and wants to give her the maximum pleasure, the first thing he needs to think – how to increase your endurance in bed. This will help him levitra. Maybe make sense to work on yourself you don’t have your girlfriend happy with everything. But if she begins to show discontent, this means that sex it’s time to change something.

Waiting to change for the better is not necessary to go to the doctors and start to drink their prescribed medication. Premature ejaculation can occur for different reasons, and not necessarily a disease “below the belt”. The prostate is influenced by the total physical state of the body: the healthier a man is, the more it builds up energy, which he may turn in bed. If you are obese, for good sex you need not so much viagra, how much is a gym. Throwing off extra weight in the bed you will be able to Express themselves much better.

Premature ejaculation may be the consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and lack of fluids in the body. If this is all normal, the cause of rapid ejaculation may lie at the level of your subconscious. To deal with this problem in two ways. If you feel that the end is near, try to escape and think about something else (if anything in a head does not come, simply “count the elephants”) or simply enjoy a little break, while not ceasing to caress the partner. Within a short time period you will be able to breath, and the girl won’t even notice.

If these methods do not help, you should seek help from a specialist. Maybe in your case the root of the problem buried deep.

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